Friday, March 25, 2016

Digital Marketing

Marketing is an activity inherent in all areas of our personal or professional life, as always, somehow, we are offering or selling an image to others. Our dress, talk or interact is pure marketing.

Today, marketing and digital marketing are terms booming, they hear and see on every corner in our way, and a term often misinterpreted and applied.

This digital marketing is used based on the Internet and websites, emails, web applications, or social networks or also on non-Internet channels such as television, radio or SMS platforms.

Digital marketing is, therefore, the practice of traditional marketing strategies on digital media, in other words, it is the sophisticated application of the same techniques of the off-line environment in an online environment.

This online environment has the advantage of immediacy and the possibility of quantifying all types of Internet activity.

Today in marketing traditional and digital channels are combined, but the digital marketing is more popular among marketers as favorable a very accurate tracking of return on investment or ROI and many other variables, unlike traditional media.

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